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Prima Variator Roller Weight Tuning Kit 20x12 (Vino, Zuma 125)

Prima Variator Roller Weight Tuning Kit 20x12 (Vino, Zuma 125)

tested on an actual gram scale tuning rollers can be offset by ± 0.1gm

Description: Prima Variator Roller Weight Tuning Kit 20x12mm test roller weight set for Yamaha Vino and Yamaha Zuma 125 scooters. Lower your stock weight (12-14) with 10s or 11s for a great performance upgrade for better take and just plain replacing worn-out stock weights. 20x12mm roller set for Yamaha Vino, Yamaha Zuma 125, and many other scooters. 

For those of you unfamiliar with roller weights, they are an important tuning device and have a significant impact on your scooter's performance! They should be checked/changed every 1000 miles (per maintenance schedule) to keep your scooter running tops. Over time, roller weights will develop flat spots which will impair the performance of your scooter.

A good indication that your rollers are worn is increasingly high revs for a given speed and/or decreased top speed. Replacing worn rollers will restore and actually improve your low-end power and especially your top speed. Fuel efficiency will also improve dramatically!

Includes 36 Roller Weights, from 7gm to 18gm. Lighter roller weights will increase RPM for any given road speed. Heavier weights will lower RPM for any given road speed. Must be put in a 120° pattern!

NOTE: You must install these weights in an alternating pattern, otherwise a severe imbalance in the variator will occur. These rollers are designed for tuning purposes only and we recommend that they are not used for long-term use. Once you have determined the appropriate weight for your set up you should buy a complete roller set for permanent use.

Installation: 1. Slack the belt by opening the CVT clutch gives belt slack to the variator side. 2. Then install the variator drive face while lifting the slack belt further away from the center boss if done properly should not see any splines between variator drive face slop-side and boss flat-side. Should be flushed together. 3. Then install the existing variator fan, washer, and hand-tight nut. 4. Finally, apply blue Loctitetorque nut to 30-35ft-lbs. For reassurance please consult your manufacturer's variator torque specs.


Include the following Roller weight set.

•    36x Roller Weights: 20x12mm 7gm<18gm
•    Made in Taiwan
•    Fit Variator Housing: 117.5mm or 122mm / Slides: 3 Top: 89mm / Boss: 20mm / Shims: 20mm / Drive Splines: 15
•    Fit Belt Size: 759-22-30 (Fit Vino ONLY)
•    Fit Belt Size790.5-21.9810-22-28 (Fit Zuma ONLY)
•    Fit BWS 125
•    Fit Vino 125
•    Fit Zuma 125

Supported Models: NCY CVT KIT (Part# 1200-1047); Kymco 300, Yamaha Linhai 260/300, Asia/European model Cygnus 125, Yamaha BW's 125, Yamaha Cygnus 125, Yamaha GTR 125, Yamaha Vino 125, Yamaha Zuma 125

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•    1.025 pounds | 9.5" (L) x 5.93" (W) x 0.64" (H)

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Prima Variator Roller Weight Tuning Kit 20x12 (Vino, Zuma 125)
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