Honda PCX 125 Upgrade Parts To Increase Performance

Who doesn’t love a brand new scooter? But there are some things you need to get that scooter looking and sounding just right before you can really start throwing some miles on it. We’ve put together this list of all the essentials for you, so let the modding begin!

One of the biggest thrills a rider can get is taking a brand new scooter home fresh off the showroom floor! The tight, solid feel of a brand new machine, the smell of fresh rubber and factory lube, the odometer in the single digits are all the awesome things about getting a new scooter, which is a feeling most of us only get to experience a handful of times.

But as sweet as it is to take home a flawless new scooter, there are also all those annoying things about the brand new scooters that get under riders’ skin; things like that weak exhaust note, a big, ugly rear fender, protruding turn signals, and more. There are a handful of things most riders will do to hook up a new scooter, so we put all the most popular ones in one place.

We know you’re itching to get that first round of parts to personalize your ride, so browse through these scooter improvements and get started!

The Upgrade List

  • Air Filter – Keep your engine breathing fresh as you!
  • Big Bore Cylinder Kit – More power for the stock engine!
  • Carburetor – It's all about tuning the jet just right!
  • CVT\Transmission Kit – Quicker acceleration, no embarrassment!
  • Exhaust System – Unleash your new scooter’s backpressure.. hmm fumes!
  • Fork/Suspension Kit – smoother ride or sporty traction!
  • Stands; they make leaning your scooter possible!

Honda PCX 125 Exhaust System

This isn’t the cheapest or most common mod that most riders do, but I’d make a bet that it’s the one they’re usually most excited about! An exhaust looks cool and unlocks some power, but most importantly, unleashes the loud roar that gives every scooter its personality.

This is a mod that is pretty universal among riders too; from rumbling American V-twins to screaming Japanese 4-bangers, every scooter on the road just seems incomplete without an aftermarket exhaust to let that signature sound rip! Installation is quite simple, even amateurs can install most systems, which makes this mod an all-time favorite for a new scooter.

Shop more exhaust systems here!

Aftermarket Part Polini Clutch; Honda PCX

Polini 3G Maxi-Speed Adjustable Clutch for 125cc and 150cc GY6 4-stroke engines. Polini's 3G Maxi-Speed clutches have allen screws for adjusting preload on the clutch springs without having to remove the clutch from the engine! This is the type of clutch used by Polini's race teams and it also features lightweight reinforced clutch blocks and fiber-reinforced shoes for long life, good grip, and superior heat resistance. Great for use on stock or modified GY6 engines.

Includes the following Clutch housing, Clutch springs, and Clutch weights:

  • Clutch: OD: 120mm
  • Adjustable Clutch Spring
  • Made in Italy
  • Fit Dowel Pin Set (8x14mm)
  • Fit Belt Size: 743, 835, 842 (Fit GY6 ONLY)
  • Fit Belt Size: 816, 836 (Fit PCX ONLY)
  • Fit 54mm Stud Spacing (A-Block)
  • Fit 57mm Stud Spacing (B-Block)
  • Fit GY6 125/150cc+
  • Fit PCX 125/150cc+

Polini CVT Variator Kit; Honda PCX

Polini Maxi Speed Performance Variator Kit for Honda PCX 125cc and 150cc Scooters. This kit has 9 roller weights versus the factory 6 to increase acceleration and lower the vibration that is characteristic of the factory Honda PCX variator.

The CVT Variator Kit for the Honda PCX includes:

  • Ultralight coated overdrive variator
  • Ultralight outer drive face
  • Roller weights
  • Compression spring
We recommend that you use a new belt with this kit. In addition, you should use a graphite or Moly grease when assembling the components.

Check out the related video inside Polini's advance R&D:

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