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NCY Gear Set 17*41 (139QMB, GY6)

NCY Gear Set 17*41 (139QMB, GY6)
NCY Gear Set 17*41 (139QMB, GY6)
NCY Gear Set 17*41 (139QMB, GY6)
NCY Gear Set 17*41 (139QMB, GY6)

Description: NCY Gear Set 17*41 for 139QMB 49/50cc 4-stroke engines. NCY QMB139 upgear kit for your 50cc 4-strokes is finally here!  This kit is made specifically for larger big bored engines and increases your gear ratio by 26%.  This will allow you to maximize your big bore kit by increased top speed and a more usable rev range. You won't see much if any improved performance if you install these on a stock top end.  For experienced tuners only.

Here's how to calculate the gear ratio for Hoca Gear Set 17*41 Just divide the number of final drive gear teeth 41 by the number of the counter shaft teeth 17. It's 41 / 17 = 2.411:1 gear ratio. This means the 18-teeth counter shaft gear takes 2.411 full-turns to drive 1 full-turn the larger 41-teeth drive gear. Overall it will take less counter shaft gear turn for the rear wheel to spin compared to the stock gear ratio. Now you know. Get the most out of your big bore kit, with increased top speed and a more usable rev range performance with the right transmission gear set changed by Hoca.


Include the following Transmission gear set.

•    1x Front Counter Shaft Teeth: 17 / Splines L: mm / OD: mm / Overall L: mm
•    Gear Press-On Area L: mm x OD: mm / Ends L: mm x OD: mm
•    1x Rear Final Drive Gear Teeth: 41 / Inner Spline: 19
•    OD: mm / ID: mm / W: mm
•    Made in Taiwan
•    Fit QMB 49/50cc

Supported Models: Naraku CVT Kit (Part# KIT.A.139QMB); 139QMB 49cc-50cc engines, Baja SC50, Boreem (BMS) 50, Filly 50, Kymco 50, Panterra 50, Qingqi 50, QLink 50, Roketa 50, SUNL 50, SYM 50, Tank 50, TaoTao 50, and virtually any other scooter engine with these measurements.

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•    1 pound | 6.85" (L) x 4" (W) x 1.43" (H)

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NCY Gear Set 17*41 (139QMB, GY6)
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