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Polini Crankshaft Oil Seal Evolution Set (Minarelli)

Polini Crankshaft Oil Seal Evolution Set (Minarelli)
Polini Crankshaft Oil Seal Evolution Set (Minarelli)
Polini Crankshaft Oil Seal Evolution Set (Minarelli)
Polini Crankshaft Oil Seal Evolution Set (Minarelli)

Description: Polini Crankshaft Oil Seal Evolution Set for Minarelli Vertical and Horizontal scooter engine. Polini has designed a new series of oil seals for the most popular mopeds and scooters in circulation. They are perfectly interchangeable with the original ones. They are made of FKM (Fluorocarbon rubber) to better resist the highest thermic stress; the seal lip is made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene); this feature makes them a lot more durable than the standard original ones, giving them a smaller friction coefficient thus granting fewer heat dispersions caused by the friction and at the same time maintaining lower temperatures. These oil seals have been studied with racing engines but equally, they perfectly fit on the standard engines that haven’t been tuned up. More power is produced from the engine as the friction reduction allows it to reach higher revolutions ranges.


Includes the following Crankshaft bearing and oil seal set.

•    1x Oil Seal ID: mm / OD: mm / H: mm
•    1x Oil Seal ID: mm / OD: mm / H: mm
•    Made in Italy
•    Fit Aprilia
•    Fit Minarelli
•    Fit Yamaha

Supported Models: Adly (er Chee) Rapido 50,  Aprilia Amico 50 AC, Area 51 LC, Gulliver 50 AC, Gulliver 50 LC, Rally 50 AC, Rally 50 LC, Scarabeo 50 AC, Sonic 50 AC, Sonic 50 LC, SR 50 AC, SR 50 LC, SR 50 Netscaper LC, SR 50 Racing LC, SR 50 Stealth LC, SR 50 WWW, Benelli 49150 GT AC, 49150 RR LC, 49150 RR Replica LC, 49150 Sport LC, 49150 ST LC, K2 50 AC, K2 50 LC, Naked 50 AC, Pepe 50 AC, Beta Ark 50 AC, Ark 50 LC, Chrono 50 AC, Eikon 50 LC, Quadra 50 AC, Tempo 50 AC, Ycon, Italjet Bazooka, Dragster 50 LC, Pista 2 50 AC, Pista 50 AC, Scoop 50, Yankee 50, KTM Ark 50 AC, Ark 50 LC, Go 50 AC, Kreidler Florett 50 AC, Flory 50 AC, MBK Booster, Equalis 50 AC, Evolis 50 AC, Fizz 50 AC, Flipper 50 AC, Forte 50 AC, MachG 50 AC, MachG 50 CAT LC, MachG 50 LC, Nitro 50 CAT LC, Nitro 5 LC, Nitro Naked 50, Ovetto 50 AC, Ovetto One 50, Rocket, Sorriso 50, Stunt 50 AC, Stunt 50 AC CAT, Stunt Naked 50 AC, Malaguti Centro 50, Ciak 50 AC, F10 CAT 50, F10 Jet Line 50, F10 Wap 50, F12 Phatom 50, F15 Firefox 50 AC, F15 Firefox LC, Yesterday 50 AC, PGO Big Max 50 AC, Rieju RS Sport 50 AC,  Yamaha Aerox 50 LC, Aerox Naked 50 LC, Aerox R 50, Breeze 50 AC, BW's 50 AC, Jog 50 , Neo's 50 AC, Spy 50, Target 50, Why 50, Zest YE 50 AC, Zuma 50 AC, Zuma II 50 AC, Various unlisted makes/models

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•   0.74 pounds | 6.4" (L) x 5.25" (W) x 1" (H)

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Polini Crankshaft Oil Seal Evolution Set (Minarelli)
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