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Stage6 Throttle Grip CNC-Machined Alumin (Universal)

Stage6 Throttle Grip CNC-Machined Alumin (Universal)

Description: Stage6 Throttle Grip CNC-Machined Aluminum. Quick action throttle from Stage6 that will dwarf all grips on the market. The throttle grip and switch unit are excellently finished state-of-the-art products CNC milled from aluminum. And the equipment leaves nothing to be desired either. The throttle has a universally programmable switch (e.g. for killswitch, NOS, starter). Several lock-in positions inside the throttle mechanism and an adjustable throttle cable (which is also included in the delivery) provide sufficient setup opportunities for different carb sizes. Available in steel grey, black, and real chrome! Also available as a kit with the fitting switch unit. Yes, the throttle cable is included with this unit.

If you need a longer CVK throttle cable due to that Honda stretch this is it can be used on Honda ruckus with a CVK carburetor. We recommend that you measure the original cable and check the detailed photos for accuracy.

NOTE: If throttle cable becomes dry (non-lube). Recommend use lubricating grease, oil, or WD-40 before use. This also helps ease cable friction wear and tear in throttle cable's sleeves, use lubricating tools to help grease where inner throttle sleeve and cable inside line ONLY.

Recommended use hairspray to help ease of rubber grip set slide onto the handlebar left-side and onto the throttle sleeve right-side. Hairspray will allow it to tack dray in minutes, thus allowing grip usage after 10-15 minutes applied. Or if available use an air-compressor wedge open a tiny air pocket in front of the rubber grip while pressing from behind grip to slide onto or off the handlebar and onto or off the throttle sleeve without the use of chemicals.


Include the following Throttle grip set.

•    1x Throttle Grip Set ID: mm
•    Color (choose one): Black, Chrome, Steel Gray
•    Made in Italy
•    Fit Universal

Supported Models: Virtually any other scooter with these measurements.

Item Weight & Product Dimensions:
•   0.781 pounds | 6.4" (L) x 0.846" (ID) x 2.953" (OD)

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Stage6 Throttle Grip CNC-Machined Alumin (Universal)
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